A background in healthcare and digital marketing has led me to see an interesting list of “must haves” for a digital healthcare strategy.

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Often digital marketing and healthcare are looked at as separate entities, but in today’s society it is important to marry the two elements together. After all, some of the same things that are important in our healthcare experience are also key to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing in the healthcare space is growing every year, which is no surprise given 52% of consumers search for information online about things like treatment options, providers, and general health concerns. As this influx in online search increases, the need for a proper digital strategy is even stronger, so here’s a to-do list of the basics I have found most important to crafting that perfect strategy:

  1. Be in the right places.

    Having a digital healthcare marketing strategy isn’t just about having a website. It’s about being mobile-friendly, having a presence on social media, maybe even having an app that is relevant to the service you are providing. Don’t just settle into thinking all that extra stuff is just for teenagers, because it is most certainly not. Baby boomers have a significant presence online, and they want to be able to get to know your brand in as many ways as possible before settling on your service; make sure you give them plenty of opportunities to do so!

  2. Be easily accessible.

    For a patient searching for healthcare online, it’s important to have a successful digital marketing strategy so that your healthcare business, whether you are a hospital, doctor, or medical device company, shows up. When you need information or immediate care, you must be able to access it when you need it most. So, make sure that you are aware of SEO best practices, and showing up on all those Google searches. Having a Google MyBusiness page is an easy way to get started and ensure you populate on a Google Map. If you want to go a little deeper, conduct an SEO audit of your website. You may be surprised to find how many patients you are missing out on because they can’t find you when they go to look!

  3. Provide interesting content.

    Oftentimes, “interesting” content is best displayed through videos. Depending on your product or service, video content could allow you to be there when a user may not need written content, or your information is better relayed on video. If you have video content that may answer people’s questions or help a potential patient connect with a doctor or see a testimonial it’s important to host that content on YouTube, as the second largest search engine, in addition to your website.

Maternity medicine is a perfect example of needing to do more than tell people about expertise and instead truly connect and show the personal element. Click here to see a recent Circle Health video we created here at KHJ to showcase their Maternity Services team.

A healthcare provider being there is just step one; they also have to be able to give you the right information and cater to your experience—in the office and through their marketing. In today’s digital advertising landscape, if you have a specific target demographic, you have the ability to tailor your messaging and placement to be right in front of them, getting you one step closer to growing your business.

A great doctor can be difficult to find, the right strategist to enhance your brand online may be a bit easier. Contact us today for more information on how to jumpstart your digital healthcare marketing strategy today!