Echelman_v2_050815One of the most magnificent, dramatic, bold and unusual art exhibits in Boston’s history was installed this week. It’s not hanging in a gallery or a museum, it’s hanging 300 feet in the air, spanning three skyscrapers across an entire city block, high above the Greenway in the heart of downtown Boston.

The Janet Echelman aerial sculpture is unlike anything Boston has ever seen.

KHJ took on the pro bono assignment to create an advertising campaign that would create a sense of excitement leading up to the artwork’s installation.

Advertising art displays could be easy: when you’re advertising beautiful artwork, just showcase the artwork!  But for the Echelman artwork, it wasn’t that simple: the art didn’t exist yet. There were no pictures, just sketches and architect plans. And at 300’ high and 125’ long, the sketches and architect plans didn’t create the sense of wonderment and awe that we knew the display would create.

That’s why our ad campaign focuses not just on the artwork, but on how the artwork is experienced. This is a whole new direction in art for the city of Boston – up. This is why our ad campaign focused on people’s reactions when they first encounter the Echelman sculpture – they freeze, their jaw drops and they stare up at the sky.


It’s a very different reaction to how people view art in a gallery or at a museum, and that became the focus of our campaign.

If you haven’t been to the Greenway to see the Echelman display, make sure you make plans to see it this summer – it’s artwork that changes every time you look at it, day or night, cloudy or clear, windy or calm. One thing we promise is that you won’t be able to stop looking up.

Check out this time lapse video by Julian Trybathat captures the 10 hours it took to install this unique, aweinspiring masterpiece.