Full Name: Iris Henriquez
BE Words: Dream / Doer
Nicknames: Chata (Small Nose!)
Hometown: Cabañas, El Salvador
Alma mater: Cambridge College

How would you describe what you do here?

Project-management based client services. It’s my job to work closely with clients on campaigns, product launches and/or promoting products and to ensure they are executed successfully and on time. I also manage administrative tasks to ensure the marketing department runs smoothly.

What got you into this business?

I went to school for business management, but it didn’t take me long to realize that every aspect of business relates. Whether it’s being a business owner or manager it’s imperative to understand the equation of business and how marketing fits into that.

My relationship with marketing was minimal until I met Judy. We had a fantastic conversation—I was inspired by her and she saw a future KHJer in me. I was lucky enough that she could see my drive and passion which eventually led to her offering me a position here!

What’s the best part of your job?

That’s such a hard question, because I like everything about it! I have to say though, being new to this industry I’ve faced quite a few challenges, and I’ve really enjoyed being able to overcome them. I also take great satisfaction in seeing my projects come to fruition and meeting the end goals we have set as a team—it’s the best feeling to finally finish whatever it is that we have been working on for months and ultimately know the client is content.

What’s your one of your favorite things about KHJ?

I love Walter! I love that he’s a part of our family and brightens the day for so many people here. Seeing his little face after coming out of a stressful meeting is so great.

What do you love to do?

I LOVE traveling.

Growing up in New York I had friends from different countries and I always felt the need to go see their home country to learn more about them and connect with them in a deeper way. I also feel like growing up, I would build wrong impressions on different places, and I never want to be guilty of that! I just came back from Puerto Rico and my whole perception of the people and country has changed for good—it was such a great experience!

I can truly say I travel to grow as a human and can’t wait to see where my next trip will take me. A trip to India? Backpacking through Europe? A road trip to Florida? We’ll see!

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m actually a professional make-up artist! It’s a hobby I don’t get to do as much anymore, but I love it!

What does your typical 3-day weekend look like?

Definitely a trip to New York to visit my parents! Every time I have the opportunity, I grab my girls and we drive down to NY. Family is so important to me, and I love spending time with them! My mom is my best friend and we have been doing our special traditions for years—remember girls, you are never too old for mom and daughter manis and pedis!

How do you manage being a single/working mom so well?

It’s all about separating home from work. When I’m home, that time is all about my daughters. The time I get with them is precious and I always purpose to make the most of it. I ask myself all the time if I am being the best mom I possibly can be and giving them everything they deserve. I must admit it’s very challenging at times but knowing that they rely on me is all the motivation I need.

Favorite Ad or Ad Campaign?

The old Volkswagen ad—Think Small.

I love the backstory of this ad because it proves how you can change people’s perceptions not only about a product, but also about an entire group of people. At that time in history (1960’s) nobody was buying small cars; yet, instead of trying to hide or preach a different message, Volkswagen owned up to exactly who they were. It was plain and simple—we are who we are, and like it if you want. And boy did customers like it!