When challenged to meet aggressive growth goals, KHJ delivered way beyond expectations.

Aspen Dental is the nation’s fastest growing network of dental practices. It operates with the help of Aspen Dental Management, Inc. (ADMI), a Dental Support Organization (DSO) that handles all the nonclinical support services for Aspen Dental practices.

A DSO was a relatively misunderstood concept in dentistry, and Aspen Dental was shaking things up…and ruffling a few feathers along the way.

“The nation’s fastest growing network of dental practices.”

The challenge was attracting and hiring enough qualified dentists to keep up with Aspen’s rapid growth. But to meet our client’s aggressive recruitment goals, we had to overcome several daunting challenges: negative perceptions about DSOs in general, increased competition for a shrinking pool of dentists, and hiring needs in underserved, unglamorous areas of the country.

The brand purpose “Simply easier” translated into an employer value proposition that positioned Aspen Dental as making it easier to have the career you always dreamed of. The campaign reconnected people emotionally to their childhood and their dreams of achieving great things in life. Real dentists were used to show how their aspirations became a reality at Aspen Dental.

In the first two years, our digital lead acquisition and nurture programs shifted perceptions and drove high quality candidates from awareness to conversion. We’ve deployed attribution modeling to sharpen both our media planning and re-targeting efforts. These results put a smile on a lot of faces: