Aspen Dental was growing and expanding fast. KHJ had to think fast to meet aggressive recruitment goals.

You don’t get to be the leading network of dental practices around the country by thinking small. So to help meet Aspen Dental’s annual recruitment goal of 450 dentists, we knew we had to do something big.

Working closely with our client, we decided to target graduating dental students searching for their first position. But with all the options out there, what would grab their attention? And how could we convince them that Aspen offered the support and mentorship they needed to keep growing?

“We targeted graduating dental students searching for their first position.”

Our solution was the Best Grad Gift Ever, a chance to win a 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R by joining Aspen Dental. On the day of the event announcing the contest, we created buzz at local dental schools and the Yankee Dental Tradeshow. Tactics included a virtual reality tour of an Aspen practice, branded pedicab rides, and a walking man burdened by the world’s biggest backpack, highlighting student debt and Aspen’s loan reimbursement program.

The promotion fired on all cylinders, running from January to August. By the time it was all over, we had succeeded in driving 150 additional dentists to Aspen Dental, turbocharging hiring by delivering 33% of the annual goal with that promotion alone.