To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of International Place, KHJ took a page from publishing to commemorate the property forever

When The Chiofaro Company wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their renowned property International Place, they turned to KHJ for help. What could we do to honor this iconic Boston landmark that has been the centerpiece of our skyline for 30 years? An event or ad seemed too predictable and unworthy. Our solution was a stylized coffee table book; a special keepsake for tenants past and present. So after the Anniversary was over, the celebration of International Place would live on.

Because of its unique design, International Place is a timeless gem that is still cutting edge today. So we wanted our book to tell the property’s history while showcasing its relevance today. Our narrative focused on what makes International Place as efficient and awe-inspiring today as it did 30 years ago: its distinctive blend of aesthetic beauty and architectural innovation.

“360 Unique, Celebrating 30 Years of Art and Science”

We titled the book “360 Unique, Celebrating 30 Years of Art and Science”. 70 pages of stunning photography and prose captured the visual splendor and architectural brilliance at every level, from every angle. The final chapter highlighted some of International Place’s current tenants and how they leveraged the art and science  to create their ideal work environment.

“It’s not every day that you get to create a book for an incredible city landmark. It really was a thrill and an honor.”

Austin Esmond, Senior Designer

“It was a simple idea: in a city where Class A office space meant cookie-cutter, rectangular buildings, create something completely unique. Throw out all the conventions of design while taking the science of efficiency and performance to a new level.”

– Donald J. Chiofaro, Founder & President, The Chiofaro Company