When the CEO had a vision for creating one of the best integrated health systems in America, it took teamwork to bring it all together.

It began as a promise. For too many people, healthcare had become fragmented and difficult to navigate. So at a time when they needed help the most, people were left to connect the dots on their own. That’s why Circle Health was created.

We named Circle Health, which today is one of the largest regional healthcare systems in New England. More than a healthcare system, it’s an extraordinary level of coordination, information sharing and teamwork—a promise of Complete connected care to all who are part of it, patients and providers alike.

“It’s more than a healthcare system, it’s a promise of Complete connected care.”

Working closely with Circle Health leadership, this promise was first brought to life to people inside the organization. At KHJ, we believe that all great brands start on the inside, and succeed most when they reflect who you’re truly being in the world.

After the internal launch, it was time to take the brand to the community at large. We kicked things off with a brand excitement video at a gala open to the general public. Next, a brand TV spot and print campaign helped people in the community understand the power of being part of the Circle.

At the same time, we leveraged a more highly targeted, behaviorally centric, digital marketing approach. The results? One priority service line was up 30%, while another saw 17 new patients after a social campaign was introduced. And patient satisfaction scores are moving up—the best sign of all. More dots connected!

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