Columbia knew it was special. KHJ helped the world see it, too.

Columbia is one of New England’s largest and most successful construction firms, celebrating nearly 100 years of success. While undergoing tremendous growth, the firm turned to KHJ to articulate a brand refresh that would help the company expand market share externally and invigorate its culture internally.

KHJ started by conducting in-depth interviews with Columbia’s team, clients and partners. Our internal research showed that the reason people loved working at Columbia was that they felt empowered to do their jobs. Across the board, team members acknowledged and valued a culture of “trust in team” that was embraced throughout the organization.

“I hire Columbia because I trust them.”

Interestingly, when we went on to interview the firm’s clients and partners, that same idea emerged: “I hire Columbia because I trust them.”

Every person we talked to mentioned that they “trusted” Columbia to get the job done right. After interviewing nearly 100 employees and 32 clients and partners, the same theme came up again and again: trust in team.

This idea, trust in team, became the inspiration for our brand campaign, “We’re with you.” Everything from the new logo to our down-to-earth tone shifted from construction industry clichés to reflect a warmer, more empathetic firm. Columbia’s rebrand did more than put a fresh face on a venerable firm, it gave its people a rallying cry as they take the firm into the next generation of leadership.

“KHJ partnered with us to express who we are at our core, and it’s helped to create an authentic rallying cry for our team. We knew all along what a great company we are, but now our messaging and visuals match our internal spirit.”

– Katy Tassmer, Managing Director of Marketing at Columbia