When Cox Engineering found itself with a fragmented brand, they called upon KHJ to bring it all together.

Cox Engineering is a leading manufacturer and provider of HVAC systems. Several years ago, they had a sub-brand – CESCO (Cox Engineering Service Company) – for their installation and maintenance division. Cox and CESCO each had their own brand identity which extended to different branded vehicles. The unintended consequence was confusion in the marketplace and a fragmented, diluted brand.

KHJ recommended merging the two brands into one unified brand that preserved much of the equity in the Cox Engineering brand, but could also serve the objectives of the installation and maintenance division.

“We developed positioning and messaging that was relevant to all entities”

We developed positioning and messaging that was relevant to all entities: A higher level of service, expertise that goes further, and superior product performance within the property. We captured it all in a tagline “Above. Beyond. Within”. We then evolved the Cox Engineering logo and design to better reflect the new position.

The unified brand was implemented across all channels, from collateral and digital to environmental. The entire company was united around an inspiring message and exciting new look and feel. And instead of two separately branded vehicles, Cox Engineering wound up with one unified fleet that expanded their brand awareness, without having to reinvent the wheel.

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