When KHJ wanted to tell the Franciscan Children’s story in an impactful, attention-grabbing way, we inspired the city’s premiere storyteller to partner with us on developing an innovative program and campaign.

Following our rebrand of Franciscan Children’s in 2016, they had a strong brand identity, positioning and tagline. After an engaging internal launch, the next step was to launch the brand externally and generate brand awareness. We knew Franciscan Children’s was brimming with stories of amazing kids just begging to be told. But how could we bring these stories to life in the most impactful way?

Our solution was to reach out to BG BrandLab (BGB) – the Boston Globe’s content marketing studio – to engage them in partnering with us to create a dynamic multi-media campaign around these captivating stories. BGB was both moved by Franciscan’s mission and excited at the opportunity to help out. Through close collaboration, we arrived at an exciting, multi-pronged program that would make maximum impact.

“…with stories of amazing kids just begging to be told.”

Our program enlisted music therapy students from Berklee College of Music to interact with some of the kids at Franciscan’s and co-create songs inspired by the children’s achievements. The campaign also leveraged a comic book artist who created superheroes based on kids at Franciscan’s. The music and illustrations helped bring our stories to life in charming, unexpected ways, and were unveiled through a series of heart-warming articles, videos, and digital banners on the Boston Globe online.

“We wanted to rethink how we work with media to tell the Franciscan Children’s story. BG BrandLab rose to the challenge.”

Sylvie Askins. Managing Partner/President

In the first four months, the series engaged over 350,000 people, who spent over six minutes on average reading each story. Plus, traffic to Franciscan Children’s website increased 198%. Together with the Globe, we found ways to stretch a modest media budget and multiply its impact through powerful storytelling.

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