At Franciscan Children’s, there are kids who can’t walk, talk, or breathe on their own. But we saw the beauty of what they can do.

Franciscan Children’s helps kids with medical, mental health, and educational needs so complex, nobody else in New England can do it. And yet, this amazing organization was not widely known or understood.

As we got to know Franciscan, we were struck by the positive energy of the kids and the commitment of the extraordinary caregivers. Instead of limitations, we saw what’s possible. A boy learning to talk using a voice computer. A young girl eating solid food for the first time. A teenager able to take his first steps.

“A teenager was able to take his first steps.”

Inspired, we knew we had to capture the true spirit of this amazing place. Here, there was growth. There were incredible achievements. An insight we articulated in the tagline, “So every kid can.”

“It felt good to be part of their lives, even for just a little while.”

Tina McCue, VP/Associate Creative Director

Our new brand highlights how kids can reach their fullest potential and live their best life, what all parents want for their child. It celebrates what Franciscan does every day, and is helping to break fundraising records.

“This campaign is about more than what the kids at Franciscan can do. It’s also about the people at Franciscan Children’s who help, challenge and support them to make their dreams realities.”

– Kate Floyd, Digital Marketing and Business Development Manager

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