KHJ created a campaign that put a colorful, entertaining human face on the serious issue of problem gambling. Meet Chip, your GameSense Advisor.

GameSense is a global program adopted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to keep gambling fun and safe for all players. However, our client didn’t want to take a “finger waving” approach that might cause our audience to tune out. Armed with research showing that a more friendly, non-judgmental brand voice could get people to listen, they were willing to gamble on a different approach.

Public organizations rarely push their marketing teams to take big creative risks, and KHJ was more than up for the challenge. We got rolling by heading out to the Plainridge Park Casino for a little research. After talking to a few GameSense Advisors, the amazing people trained to help gamblers of all types, a campaign idea was born.

“we knew we had to get the tone exactly right—humorous and yet credible”

Chip, the star of our multi-pronged campaign, embodies all that is special about the GameSense Advisors…and then some. He’s a funny, engaging character who imparts “Pearls of GameSense,” tips and advice on how to play smarter. To appeal to a broad target including recreational, at-risk and problem gamblers, we knew we had to get the tone exactly right—humorous and yet credible. Chip delivered on that in spades.

“The campaign is proving to be a winner …increasing web traffic nearly 500%.”

Adam Cramer, Managing Partner/Creative

Seeing the creative potential of our idea, a production team based in New York agreed to produce eight videos on a tiny budget. Through a range of social and digital media, Chip imparts such pearls of GameSense as, “Your lucky rabbit’s foot wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit.” We also brought the brand to life through transit, outdoor, print and non-traditional media such as ATM screens and bus seat headrests.

The campaign is proving to be a winner. Just a month after launching, it has performed significantly better over the state’s previous responsible gaming campaign, increasing web traffic nearly 500% year-over-year. Re-launched in Springfield Massachusetts to coincide with the opening of MGM Springfield, the campaign is ready to make its Greater Boston debut to coincide with the opening of Encore Boston Harbor in 2019.

Watch the videos

Victory Dance

Using your Noggin

Losing like a Winner