KHJ helped MassDevelopment create a compelling brand story illustrating the impact that one transaction can have on an entire community.

MassDevelopment is an economic powerhouse with an important mission: creating jobs, building businesses, and transforming communities across the Commonwealth. Recently, the organization undertook the first agency-wide corporate rebranding initiative in its 20-year history.

KHJ created more than a new logo and a fresh look. We came up with a bold storytelling platform captured in the theme line, “In every community, we see opportunity.” The idea is that every financing transaction that MassDevelopment issues to a business or developer has a far greater impact. A single loan or grant has a ripple effect across the community.

“We wanted to create a more human brand for the state’s economic development agency.”

Tina McCue—VP, Associate Creative Director

Our new brand look and feel brought the agency into the future. Our modern, vibrant new logo reflects the concept of transformation, while the imagery focuses on actual communities that are thriving with the help of MassDevelopment. The ultimate benefit isn’t just the job that was created or the home that was built. It’s the impact on the community as a whole.

Through digital campaigns and other outreach tactics, we demonstrated how this growing wave of economic prosperity works. For instance, financing to help a manufacturer expand creates jobs, and those new employees support shops, restaurants, and housing. MassDevelopment’s impact is felt on Main Street and beyond.

The rebranding effort was recently launched, and its first audience was the toughest: the MassDev team. A talented, visionary group of community leaders, the team worked tirelessly to move the new brand forward. And they couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results.