KHJ helped a complex government agency find a simple, inspiring message that resonated with its extremely diverse audience.

MassDevelopment has a vital mission: driving economic growth across the Commonwealth. It’s a powerful, unique resource that helps to build businesses, create jobs, transform communities and impact the lives of people.

But despite all it does to keep Massachusetts growing, MassDevelopment was not easily understood. With a complex array of real estate and financing solutions and an incredibly diverse range of audiences, the agency struggled to communicate what it does and, more importantly, why it matters.

“We shifted focus from what MassDevelopment did to the impact it had on people.”

Anna Yu, Sr. Director, Client Services

Bringing the brand platform to life required a big shift in strategy. While previous communications tended to focus primarily on the agency’s real estate and financing deals, we wanted to show how those transactions were the “way to grow” for people, businesses and communities.

Way to grow, is clear, empowering and inspiring. It tells a complex story quickly, resonates with all audiences, and reflects the pride employees feel in the change they bring to the state every day.

The stories are compelling. A developer who could move a housing project forward thanks to a creative loan. A manufacturer who finally had the resources to ramp up production. City leaders who found the expertise they needed to revitalize a downtown area. Putting a human face on MassDevelopment was the way to go. And grow.