To help a pest control company expand into more affluent communities, KHJ had to transform its creepy crawly brand.

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Let’s face it: for many homeowners, pest control representatives are a necessary evil—unwanted guests who can be as bothersome as the insects and rodents they’ve come to eliminate. This is especially true in more affluent communities, where the sight of a pest control van in your driveway can get the neighbors talking.

This was a challenge for Modern Pest, a family-owned pest control company in the northeast. With cartoon insect iconography as part of their brand, we knew it wouldn’t fly in the more upscale markets they wanted to infiltrate.

Modern Pest logo redesign
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So KHJ got busy modernizing their brand from the inside out. We created a more sophisticated, contemporary brand look and feel—one that wouldn’t scare off potential new customers. Using minimal, abstract shapes, the new logo lives up to the great company name.

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Through our research, we realized that this was a company with a genuine passion for protecting homes. To us the service reps seemed like heroes, an insight captured in the “heroic” style of the photography that featured actual employees. And we made the most out of a limited budget, with a geo-targeted campaign that crushed it.

“The service reps are incredibly dedicated. We saw them as ultimate protectors of the home.”

Adam Cramer, Managing Partner/Creative

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