In the competitive legal market, Nutter’s profile had become understated and undefined. We discovered what made the firm so special.

Nutter McClennen & Fish is one of Boston’s largest and most established law firms. Founded by future United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in 1879, many of the values he championed are still practiced by the firm today.

However, in a fast-changing legal landscape, Nutter wanted to evolve its brand identity. The challenge was staying faithful to the values that had taken the firm so far, while emphasizing what mattered moving forward.

At a time of mergers, acquisitions and growing mega-firms, Nutter is different. The firm offers the same level of expertise, but delivers it in a more practical, approachable way. The combination of legal excellence and extraordinary client dedication is what makes Nutter unique. An insight we expressed in the new tagline, “uncommon law.”

The new logo is bold and declarative to stand out against a sea of sameness. And what better way to express Nutter’s proud heritage than with a flag? It’s a universal symbol that employees can rally around, a stake in the ground that promises a better experience for clients.

“It is grounded in an authentic brand truth and sets the bar for everyone at all levels of the organization.”

Sylvie Askins, Managing Partner/President