When PerkinElmer wanted to get the word out, we created an emotional campaign to draw the world in.

PerkinElmer is a global leader in health and environmental testing, yet research revealed an opportunity to bring more meaning to their brand and more context to their tagline “For the Better”. Customers wanted to know what PerkinElmer is doing for the better and where they’re doing it. KHJ saw the possibilities in bringing their stories to life in a dramatic fashion.

We recommended a series of biopic videos designed to show what PerkinElmer is doing around the world “For the Better”. Our videos combined tension with inspiration to create an emotional viewing experience and connection to the brand. Strict attention was paid to casting and production design to recreate the international communities served by PerkinElmer. Videos were translated for foreign markets and viewed online and at international sales conferences to the delight of both sales reps and customers. And that’s all for the better.

“This was more than brand building; this was doing justice to the amazing things PerkinElmer is doing around the world.”

–Julie Rosso, Director of Client Services

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Winner of the Hatch Merit Award

“Everything had to feel authentic, from the performances to the production design. Creating Africa, China and India, all in Brooklyn, was a fun challenge”

– Rich Batt, Associate Creative Director

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