When IBM Watson partnered with Quest Diagnostics, Quest partnered with KHJ to tell its part of the story.

IBM has done an amazing job building brand awareness for Watson. Do you remember Watson’s Jeopardy! victory? If so, you realize that when IBM Watson Genomics from Quest Diagnostics® was introduced in late 2016 — a system that makes cancer treatment recommendations for specific tumor analyses by drawing upon the knowledge base of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center — we didn’t need to sell anyone on Watson. But we did need to explain Quest Diagnostics’ value in this collaborative innovation to its customers.

IBM was doing a great job promoting its cognitive computing and its value in the war on cancer. An alliance with a big brand like IBM certainly helped boost Quest awareness, but the story was dramatically one-sided. We needed to show what Quest brings to this innovation beyond simply offering it. We couldn’t outspend or outproduce IBM, but we could tell a part of the story in a compelling way.

“Quest is helping to deliver on the promise of precision health.”

Julie Rosso—Senior Director, Client Services

With a modest budget, we wrote and produced a two-minute video featuring stock footage, animation, and music to help capture Quest’s role in providing the necessary genomic sequencing and tumor analysis for Watson to deliver its promise. The video not only spread the word about Quest’s advanced laboratory capabilities, but it also served to instill pride in its scientists and technicians. We then developed web content and literature to support the sales reps, which they combined with the video for engaging presentations.

KHJ has been working with Quest Diagnostics since 2011. After a rebrand in 2015, we have been building awareness for Quest’s extensive value across multiple parts of the healthcare ecosystem. With this campaign, we’ve continued to give credence to their promise of empowering better health with diagnostic insights.

“We helped Quest recognize that our narrative isn’t just access to this innovation, but rather an opportunity to support its advanced diagnostics value story.”

Todd Baird, EVP, Strategy & Planning