When a novel technology that allows patients to bid on healthcare providers was ready to launch, KHJ took aim at creating a brand with more impact.

In the early 2010’s, Dr. David Berman, a respected Gastroenterologist, had a great vision: to connect patients and health providers through a technology platform that would allow patients to bid on provider services. By sidestepping the more complex and costly process of the current healthcare system, patients and providers would have the freedom to bring easier access, affordability, and transparency to their relationship. The novel platform was launched with the name “DokBid”, but despite being such an innovative product, the brand name was causing confusion and Dr. Berman asked KHJ to help.

Research revealed the name “DokBid” had spelling and recall issues and lacked broader appeal. But instead of developing another name that attempted to describe the product, KHJ saw an opportunity to create a name around a key insight. This was a small company on a mission to take on the giant healthcare system. It was a classic David vs Goliath scenario, right down to the CEO’s name, David. And from this insight, we developed the name “Slingshot Health”.

“The brand was relaunched to its doctor, caregiver and patient networks, creating excitement and buzz.”

A logo came next: a stark iconic slingshot that doubled as a patient celebrating victory, alongside a clean, contemporary typeface. Our look and feel furthered this graphic depiction of patient empowerment, while our tagline “Health in Your Hands” completed the theme.

Not only did “Slingshot Health” give the brand a powerful image that resonated with patients and providers, but it spoke to the handheld nature of the mobile app and the speed of getting the care you need at the price you want.

The brand was relaunched to its doctor, caregiver and patient networks, creating excitement and buzz. Today, Slingshot Health is recognized as a viable resource for finding care, and as a pioneer in the emerging “medical-service-on-demand” industry – one that is attracting attention from major tech players such as Amazon and Uber as well as health brands such as Aetna and United Healthcare.