In a city full of historic parks and places, we helped The Greenway take a bold new direction. Up.

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway was Boston’s reward for enduring a decade of construction during the Big Dig. The unique series of parks winding through the heart of Boston opened in 2008, but it struggled to establish an identity of its own in such a historic city.

We were engaged to promote an awe-inspiring aerial art exhibit, but we saw a bigger possibility—rebranding the Greenway itself. Taking on the project pro-bono, this was our chance to make a contribution to our city.

“We jumped at the chance to do something meaningful for our city.”

Mike Panagako, Managing Partner/Growth & Strategy

Working with the Greenway’s leadership team, we identified an internal position that we brought to life: Boston’s least historic park. Our new logo and brand look is bold and contemporary, reflecting the park’s commitment to groundbreaking, public art.

“Boston’s least historic park.”


The new brand was launched along with the massive aerial sculpture by world-renowned artist Janet Echelman. The challenge was creating ads for a sculpture that didn’t yet exist, so we focused on people’s reactions of awe and wonder.

“Playing a part in Boston’s largest public art display was just awesome.”

Adam Cramer, Managing Partner/Creative


After the successful brand launch, we were engaged to promote the “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads,” a work by Chinese artist Ai Wei-Wei. The exhibit features 12 bronze animal heads representing the Chinese zodiac. We created a campaign that was designed to turn heads.

To make the exhibit seem more interactive and fun, our campaign shows visitors coming face to face with their animal spirit—and giving us their best impression. Our efforts are helping to raise awareness, change perceptions, and draw crowds to the city’s hippest new park.