To market five different office buildings on two blocks, KHJ made the whole greater than the sum of its parts by focusing on the dynamic culture and environment.

Synergy Investments was challenged with marketing a group of five disconnected office buildings of different shapes and sizes in Downtown Crossing. In a neighborhood teeming with excitement and business activity, Synergy had a good location. But they needed a smart brand strategy and identity.

KHJ saw an opportunity to think beyond the buildings themselves and treat the entire two blocks as one dynamic environment of innovation, collaboration and urban action. Our positioning revolved around the tenant experience – an enterprising culture where people feed off the energy of the city and each other.

“Our positioning revolved around the tenant experience.”

We came up with the name “The Hive” – a name that evoked collaborative energy and also lent itself to a distinctive design. We tagged it with “Where DTX Connects” to leverage the existing equity in Downtown Crossing (DTX) and reinforce the conflux of people and ideas.

We then developed a website and collateral materials that placed as much emphasis on the community within the property as the property itself.

“We created not just a building to work in but a community to be part of.”

Austin Esmond, Senior Designer

To bring the brand to life on-site, we teamed up with architects Bergmeyer and integrated our honeycomb motif into everything from exterior signage and interior art to furniture and other décor.

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