KHJ got to the heart of a school’s unique spirit and helped bring it to life.

Ursuline Academy is a college preparatory school for girls in grades 7 through 12. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, it offers an academically rigorous “whole person” approach to education that prepares young women for life.

The spiritually rich, nurturing culture empowers each student to face the world with confidence and approach life with a greater sense of purpose. With low awareness for Ursuline and what makes it so transformational for students, it was time to take this inspiring story to the next level.

“Celebrating each girl finding her voice, passion and purpose.”

Through a comprehensive discovery process, KHJ unveiled “Bring your inside out” as the brand platform that celebrates the way each girl finds her own voice, passion, and purpose. It focuses on powerful moments of transformation, and highlights how students can realize their full potential in body, mind and spirit.

Over a three-year period, the results showed a 40% increase in click-through-rate and a 52% increase in giving. Our campaign was an essential part of attracting new students, recruiting top educators, inspiring potential donors, and building an even stronger alumnae community.