Today, Vertex is one of the largest life science companies in Massachusetts. And KHJ was there at the start of an important time in their history.

Over the 20 years it took Vertex to bring its first drug to market, it had developed a rich and vibrant internal culture. However, anytime a company undergoes a significant, rapid expansion, it risks losing the essence of what makes that culture so special and different.

KHJ helped Vertex articulate its corporate brand and institutionalize it in a way that would be sustainable well into the future. After translating Vertex’s internal values into an inspiring brand promise, ”The Science of Possibility“, we got busy building alignment with employees, developing recruitment messaging, and implementing both onboarding and sales support programs.

KHJ gets that people don’t join companies, they join cultures. With a corporate brand firmly established across all areas of the company, we helped set the stage for future growth. Today, Vertex is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Massachusetts.