KHJ has been helping a great community bank remain vital and maintain its competitive edge for over 20 years…and counting.

For over 150 years, Webster Five has been a bank with an eye on the future, a smile for the customer and a big heart for its community. But when larger banks began threatening its turf, Webster Five called on us to help them defend it.

KHJ partnered with Webster Five to reposition the bank with a bold declaration: We’re Different. We’re Better. Believe It. It began as an internal rallying cry and became an ongoing mission to demonstrate just how different and better Webster Five is at every customer touch point. 20 years later, their employees and customers still believe it.

“It was fun to bring Webster Five’s brand to life across digital platforms, but also to have a hand in showcasing the brand via their brick-and-mortar environments”

Adam Cramer, Managing Partner/Creative

To support our position, we created a brand that was less typical and more approachable. We helped Webster Five engage its customers through fun unexpected events and modern environmental graphics. A new branch was opened with a fresh new look, and within two months, Webster Five generated $18 million in new accounts.

But we didn’t stop there. In 2012, Webster Five rolled out a host of new products and online tools, which coincided with a brand-new logo, website, collateral material and advertising campaign. The work was as contemporary and inviting as the new products. And after six months, Webster Five reported 180 new relationship checking accounts and 400 new business accounts.

“It was important for us to create an innovative branch space for a new experience in banking.”

– Cara Seibert, Senior Designer

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