A major media coup for a major recruiting effort.

recruitment campaign encore

When Wynn Resorts needed to fill more than 5,800 positions for the opening of its Encore Boston Harbor Resort, KHJ orchestrated a takeover of Boston’s No. 1 morning talk radio show to tell their story with greater impact.

In the winter of 2019, KHJ was in the process of implementing a large-scale recruiting campaign for Wynn Resorts, with the goal of filling more than 5,800 positions for the opening of Encore. With paid media in place, KHJ turned its attention to driving up application numbers through integrated content.

Several radio stations had pitched to us standard promotions and commercials, but they just weren’t right for telling the Encore story. What we needed were people who could talk about Encore and its job opportunities with genuine passion and enthusiasm while also reaching a gigantic audience. Our goal was clear but hardly easy — we needed to get the best influencers in town who we knew would get behind our brand.

Looking for maximum reach and authenticity, we identified WBZ/The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich as personalities who could do the brand justice. Who better to tell the Encore story with natural, spontaneous passion than Boston’s most enthusiastic — and most listened to — sports disc jockeys?

Granted, getting the most popular morning show to champion our cause was hardly a given, and our path to success involved many meetings and negotiations. But thanks to our strong relationship with the Beasley Media Group, we were able to convince them that this was indeed a human-interest story that would engage their audience.

We then went to work on determining the most impactful way to tell the story, and our solution was to have two key Wynn Resorts executives on the show to offer a peek behind the curtain into the world of Encore.

The show went off flawlessly, and it was wins all around. Toucher and Rich got to talk to high- ranking execs at Encore and bring exclusive information about the resort to their listeners. Encore got a 7+ minute takeover of the show to talk up Encore, its job opportunities, and an upcoming recruiting event. And KHJ went all-in for Encore and came out a winner.

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