Recently Larry Page wrote a short letter that had a seemingly large impact on the world. The behemoth that is Google and all of its entities, has now become a subsidiary of something else, what Larry Page and Sergey Brin are calling Alphabet. Is this a joke? How can this thing that has become the de facto answer to any of life’s questions, the thing that billions of people use, talk about and rely on every day, be something that is now a child of something else? Sounds a bit crazy, right? Well, that’s just how Larry Page likes it. “We are still trying to do things other people think are crazy but we are super excited about it.”

khj-think-big-large-2It’s no surprise is that the people over at Google, excuse me, Alphabet are thinking big, thinking HUGE in fact. Page and Brin are challenging what the “normal”, rational person is thinking. They are constantly looking beyond the next step, beyond the next goal and asking everyone around them “What’s possible?”

Page makes it very clear that it is not their intention for Alphabet to become a large consumer brand. Rather, it is a strategic solution to a very real business problem, and is a brilliant one at that. This company (formerly Google, now Alphabet) needs to show growth to its investors. The problem they were running into by having all these “dream” creations was that Google, the moneymaker, was seemingly being brought down by those ideas that could fail at any time. With the creation of Alphabet, they can now report revenue for Google as a separate entity while continuing to give its other ventures the capacity and ability to incubate innovations for the future.

From the day you walk in the door as an employee here, our CEO Judy asks us all, “how good are you willing to have it?” And she means this on a personal level as much as a professional level. From the first client meeting we attend as part of KHJ, we see that this spirit of possibility and opportunity is central to our DNA. We are able to become indoctrinated as to how this approach manifests itself through our clients and trusted relationships and frankly for ourselves too. Moving from road blocks to opportunities… It’s how we roll here and it feels really good to be in the mindset of opportunity each and every day.

As Larry page says, “We can’t get comfortable. We have to push ourselves to stay a bit uncomfortable in our surroundings instead of accepting what’s comfortable where good enough flies”.

We all need to continuously ask ourselves, every single day, how good are we willing to have it? Good enough or better? The day we settle on good enough is the day we stop pushing ourselves and our clients to be better. No thanks, not around here. That’s just not good enough.