2018 is the year that internal culture will be at the forefront of building powerful brands. Why will internal culture be so important this year?

Our connected world continues to blow open brand doors so that everyone from the outside can see what is happening inside, bringing a whole new level of transparency to brands today.

Add to this the low unemployment rate and the importance of recruiting and engaging your employees. And further with competition in every sector growing, critical to creating a top brand today is to assure that every touchpoint results in a delightful experience when interacting with your brand.

Companies used to be focused on what people ‘outside’ thought of their brands. In fact, what happens outside is merely a reflection of what is happening inside. Companies who want to be more successful must invest in their brand in 2018, defining ‘who’ they are, what they value and what their promise of impact is on the world around them.

Today, ‘what’ you do is only a part of branding, it is just as important to define ‘who you are being’ as a company and making sure that your employees feel connected and understand their role in delivering on the brand promise.

When your employees feel connected to the brand, when they understand their role and how to deliver the experience you want your customers to ‘feel’, the inside of your brand begins to show outside too.

We have seen the impact of what happens when a company invests in itself and works to bring their inside out, carefully crafting their brand around ‘who’ they are and what they value. We have conducted countless Town Meetings with clients and helped employees understand their role in delivering on the brand promise. We have seen flat faces turned to engaged employees, sales volume turned up, reputation management issues reduced.