Purpose and culture are anything but soft.

They can make or break your bottom line.

Ping pong tables, gift cards and awards, book clubs, snacks, baristas, soundproof phone booths…we’ve seen it all. Perks might help attract employees, but they are far from enough.

People need and want to be fulfilled in a meaningful way. It’s a shared contribution to something larger than themselves and the products or services they sell that attracts them and keeps them eager to come to work every day. That shared purpose and set of values elevates the work they do to a higher level, improves employee engagement, and creates a high-performance culture. It's not just hearsay: companies with higher employee engagement have higher productivity and profitability.

Brand Inside

At KHJ, we think of culture as “brand inside.” We believe that the brand message delivered to your employees internally is perhaps more important than the brand message delivered externally—a prerequisite—and we make it a priority to align and activate your people from within. Our “BEing the brand” process activates your brand through the entire employee lifecycle: from recruitment to onboarding to ongoing development and recognition. Whether ensuring you recruit like-minded individuals, inspiring them to embrace your brand purpose, guiding them to live it through their actions, or reinforcing and rewarding desired behaviors, we help you cultivate a purpose-driven culture at every step of the way.

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