It’s not always easy being the new kid on the block. Advertising agencies host a large spectrum of personalities and learning where and how you fit in is very important.

agency culture

Not only do you have to master multiple digital platforms, new skills and stay on top of the digital revolution that’s transforming the marketing industry, but you also have to navigate the social network that already exists within your new company. Here are some quick tips on how to break into the agency culture.

Get Involved
Take any opportunity you can to join and participate in office events. Here at KHJ they make an extra effort to put together fun office events to promote team bonding and foster a deeper company connection. If your new company is anything like KHJ, you’ll realize right off the bat that getting involved will immediately help connect you with your coworkers. During one of my first weeks here, the office was circulating a Thanksgiving potluck list for anyone to write down a traditional dish they were bringing in. I decided to be outgoing and sign myself up. Because I took this small opportunity to make a fun new dish (check out the recipe here), I was given a chance to be a part of KHJ’s Culture Club. Not only did making a small dessert help facilitate conversation with my new coworkers but I now have the opportunity to help plan and be a part in the production of future events!

Schedule 1-on-1s
Agencies, as you know, are multifaceted and small meetings are a perfect way to get to know your coworkers during the hectic work week. In just 15-minutes, you can cover a wide array of topics, BUT it doesn’t have to just be about work. These meetings are crucial for fostering some of your first connections at your new company. Everyone is busy, but trust me, people will find time to meet you. I learned from these meetings that everyone is just as excited to meet a new face and get to know you. Most importantly, these meetings helped clarify my many questions and fears surrounding agency culture. They not only gave me a better understanding of the people I work with, but they were so beneficial to me because they helped connect me to the people I don’t typically work with on a day-to-day basis. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because you never know if someone’s story can influence your own.

Play your best game
Play your strengths and be your own best marketer. Don’t be afraid to tell your coworkers what you’re good at because you never know when your expertise will come in handy. When I started at KHJ I made sure my coworkers were aware of my passion and love for social media, particularly Instagram. Immediately, I was given a place in the KHJ social squad and asked to help with the task improving our social media efforts. By speaking up, I was given the opportunity to learn and take part in the strategy and planning of KHJ social channels AND I was having fun while doing it. If I didn’t share my passion, I would not have been able to jump in right away and show my social media expertise. Therefore always speak up because you never know when your passions outside of work can led to a project where you get to do what you love while learning from others.

If you follow my simple pieces of advice, you will see just how many benefits you gain when you actively involve yourself as an intern. Don’t be timid, people are just as eager get to know you and they want to help you succeed at the same time. At most companies you will find that they deeply appreciate people who are both willing and eager to join in and bring more energy to the table. So, join in!

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