The true power of brand

If a brand is anything, it’s what an organization stands for, its purpose, its raison d’être.

Going back to the founding passion of an organization often helps to uncover the heart and soul of the difference its founders hoped to make—the meaningful value they wanted to bring to the world. When that brand promise is meaningfully expressed and effectively activated, value comes back. It’s really that simple. It’s a principle of value exchange that’s as old as civilization itself.

At times like these, though, giving value with no expectation of return is its own reward. We are seeing acts of kindness and generosity all around us. People and organizations are helping other people and organizations. At a time when it feels like everything is in a spin, going out of our way for each other is what there is to hold on to. It’s love triumphing over fear.

At KHJ, our mission is to help people see and realize what’s possible—for themselves and for the world around them. To us, the secret to success is a focus on that last part: the world. Especially now, the world around all of us needs all of us. Whatever is possible will only get realized if we are all in this together. How ironic that at a time when we are urged to be physically distant from one another, we’ve never been more drawn to connect with one another. Already my KHJ colleagues have shared many stories, most of them humorous, about candid moments with clients caught on camera, moments that two months ago might have been considered slightly awkward, now seen in the kindest light as wholly human.

Let’s use this time of heartbreak for so many as a call to break open our own hearts. Let’s use this time of disruption as a time of discovery. Discovery about each other and, most of all, about ourselves. What do you see as new possibilities? What will it take for you to realize those dreams?

Painted on our office wall in the (now) too-quiet Seaport District are two questions we ask ourselves and our clients: “Who are you BEING in the world … and how GREAT are you willing to have it?” They’re addressed to the individual, for each of us has a brand whether we know it or not … the best truth of who we are and how it shows up in the world. May this unique time of connection-seeking find you reconnecting with your own true self so you may release your own power to do something great for those in need.

Because now more than ever, it’s really up to each one of us to make a difference that matters.

We would love to hear what you or your company is doing to help those in need right now so we can give you a shout-out through our social channels. Help us show the world what the power of brand can do.

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