It was in the middle of the day on a Friday when I remembered I was tasked with coming up with a plan for a friend’s last hurrah before leaving Boston that very night. I immediately jumped on to my favorite Boston event aggregator, The Boston Calendar, and picked an event to pitch to the group. “Free- Floating Silent Disco Party” was the title. “Yeah, it’s like a dance party that travels from place to place around Boston… Oh and everyone wears headphones tuned to the same playlist… Oh and did I mention it’s FREE?” I tell my cautiously interested friends.

silent-disco-khjA few hours (and admittedly a few drinks) later we arrived at the Boston Common to start the festivities, headphones in hand. Our host and the creator of the night’s playlist was DJ Omari from a company called Keros Entertainment. I did a quick search of Keros Entertainment before arriving and it came up on Google as a “Boston wedding DJ and string quartet”… This should be interesting I thought. Anyhow, DJ Omari greeted the crowd and before the music started, he welcomed everyone gathered to like Keros Entertainment on Facebook. Almost everyone in the crowd whipped out their phones and did so immediately. We were then prompted to count down from five, start the playlist and we then were instantly enveloped in our own personal (and quite silly looking) traveling dance party for the next two hours.

For Keros Entertainment, this was a brilliant, low cost opportunity to bring their brand to life—creating a memorable experience, captivating an audience of like-minded potential clients, showing off their musical curation skills and proving that they indeed could provide a fantastic, fun-filled evening of dancing. Yes, they sold us all. You better believe I will be a brand ambassador, enthusiastically sharing their company with any friends in search of an entertainment company.

Creating memorable experiences matters. It’s what differentiates ‘average’ from ‘great’. This small company created a low budget event (testing their market) and in return they were able to grow a collection of likely potential customers who will cheerfully be this companies’ megaphone creating ground-swell for their brand. And the value for this? Priceless.

Push yourselves to think outside the box a little. How can your organization create memorable experiences that speak directly to your key target audiences, engaging them in new and exciting ways?


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