For years hospitals have struggled to define quality care in ways that speak to patients and consumers. But not only are quality benchmarking resources unknown to the less sophisticated consumer, but also an A+ rating one day could be an “average” ranking the next. Your brand’s ability to meaningfully reflect quality will increasingly be defined by those with whom you relate … the physicians, clinical staff and patients with whom you need to communicate and collaborate to create relationships that will have everyone endorsing your brand in a new social universe.

But what is the common thread that ties together quality care that is delivered to, experienced and sought by prospective patients? Relationships … collaborative relationships between hospitals and physicians ensure effective two-way communication, seamless delivery, care continuity and optimal outcomes when the patient is returned to the care of his or her referring physician. The physicians are confident the hospital is committed to delivering excellent quality and a positive patient outcome.

Collaborative relationships between clinical managers, nursing leaders and physician leaders ensure that processes, protocols and care pathways are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate changes that elevate and evolve “best practice” approaches. Strong relationships override “territory” and silos because all clinical providers share the desire to deliver the best care possible for every patient.

Patient relationships drive experience, and experience should drive your brand. Consumers want to experience excellence – exceptional care delivered exceptionally well, with respect, communication, kindness and consideration. Leaving every patient with the feeling that he or she was entirely well served while in your care is what drives impressions, feedback and perceptions. Word of mouth is no longer person to person but feedback, perceptions and experiences shared with dozens, even hundreds, of influencers … who are engaged and conversant via social media. If your brand can’t speak for you, relationships that nurture quality and experience will speak for your brand for you.


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