The Team

Austin Esmond

Senior Designer

Trusting / Flow

Matt Brimicombe

Sr. Designer

Feeling / Good

Aurelien Dallaserra

Digital Designer and Developer

Always / Creating

Sheree Dunwell

Sr. Associate, Client Services

Performing / Me

Nikki Geyster

Director, Traffic and Production

Different / Same

Joseph Soto


Self / Respect

Julie Rosso

Sr. Director

Fair / Play

Julie Bogart

Associate Creative Director

In / Control

Anna Nillni

Director, Project Management & Production

Appreciating / Roots

Holly DiFava

Receptionist/Office Manager

My / Way

Iris Henriquez

Associate, Client Services

Dream / Doer

Brittany Eagar

Sr. Associate, Client Services

Giving / Me

Katie Howard

Associate, Client Services

Love / Fun

Mary Kate Powers

Sr. Associate, Client Services

Growing / Sense

Anna Faber-Hammond

Senior Designer

Being / Easy

Taylor Collett


In / Choice

Sandy Jackson

Executive Assistant

Being / Free

Cindy Giordano

VP, Client Services

Being / Real

Michelle Karalekas

Sr. Director, Client Services

In / Dependent

Rachael Bellwood

Associate, Client Services

Be / Cause

Lil Mahoney


Head / Strong

Netalin Tassniyom

Sr. Accounting Associate

Achieving / Happiness

Emily Lynch

Associate, Client Services

Open / Drive

Walter Cramer

Chief Canine Officer

Eat / Everything

Keren Cole

Sr. Director Media Strategy & Activation

Finding / Connection

Talia Vinograd

Sr. Brand Strategist

Achieving / Peace

Rich Batt

Associate Creative Director

Exploring / Connections

Victoria Wallace

Sr. Associate, Client Services

Choosing / Freedom

John Perez

IT Manager

Driven / Good

Cliff Dobbyn

Sr. Director, Digital Services

Playing / Boundaries