We are always keeping an eye on the horizon, staying in touch with not just what is happening now but what is happening next so that we can help our clients meet short term goals while also planning for the long term future. One of the ways we do this is by questioning assumptions. And there are a lot of them.


While we can’t take them all on today, we have chosen to focus on 4 that we think have the greatest potential impact on the banking industry today.

Rule #1: Boomers still boom

Many of our bank clients are working on Millennial strategies. Though it is still important to offer products that appeal to the younger generation, Millennials don’t have all the magic. Today, we can’t ignore the financial power of Boomers. Today, Boomers use more bank products, in more ways, than any other generation. And they are helping the Millennial in their life figure out what financial products they need, too. Boomers are learning from their Millennial kids, too, which means that Boomers are adopting technology and social media faster than any other generation.

Rule #2: News flash: social isn’t new

Banking has always been a business built on relationships and word of mouth. Indeed, you were social before the “rise” of social media. The question is, how are banks translating what you’ve always done to the digital age? And sparking powerful conversations that build strong connections along the way? Using social doesn’t have to be hard. We use a ‘Crawl-Walk-Run’ approach to helping our bank clients develop social content and governance strategies that build business while also abiding by regulatory compliance rules.

Rule #3: More community in banking, please

There’s a lot of banking in the community, but how much community is in the bank? Today, people are seeking brands that demonstrate a commitment to the community. So to banks that are only pushing product to prove their value, we ask: what’s your community strategy? And we’re not just talking CRA. How are you really, truly helping build communities and foster meaningful connections for yourself, your customers, and the neighborhoods you serve? How has your community strategy changed the way you view your branches? And how can you turn your CRA obligation into a CSR program?

Rule #4: It’s what’s inside that counts

Finally, your brand is your DNA. It’s what you stand for as an organization, and why people believe in you. Given the commoditization of the banking industry, we find that for many of our clients, it really is the brand that matters. So the first ones to “carry your flag” should be the people you hire – your employees. Because when they get it, and live it, your customers can trust it. And trust is what makes good brands great.


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