Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the most creative one. And people of all ages revel in its scary fun.

Of course, marketers haven’t been lost on the power of this scary fun to engage an audience and build a brand. Every year, especially this time, we see commercials, print ads and social stunts that grab us by the jugular and tickle our funny bones. And the best ones go viral like a skin-eating plague.

So take a look at these examples (some new, some old) for your own creative inspiration. And have a Funny Halloween!

Dirt Devil – My favorite scary-fun spot of all time. If this doesn’t possess you, I don’t know what will.

Chipotle – Scary ingredients served up by great comedic writing and acting.

Geico – Funny commercials, it’s what Geico does. This one’s a classic.

Cravendale – If you haven’t heard of Cravendale, it’s not because of their marketing. It’s because of your location. Cravendale is a popular milk in Britain, and their brand is very well-known thanks to their scary-funny animal ads.

Carrie – What happens when a person with special powers gets pissed off in a coffee shop? A film gets great buzz, that’s what.

Ford – Zombies may be dead, but can they have heart?

IKEA – If you liked “The Shining” you’ll follow this with delight. A great vehicle (literally) for showing off the store and promoting late night shopping.

Orkin – A welcome home that isn’t so welcome. Another oldie but goodie.

Walking Dead Poster – Taking the “tear-off” poster to a fun new level.

Science World – A familiar face presents an intriguing fact to encourage visits to Science World.