‘Tis the season to inspire. Are you ready?

By Judy Habib, President and CEO

Marketing (yawn)…who cares?

Okay, now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Judy Habib, President and CEO of KHJ Brand Activation. After two decades of helping people and organizations see and realize what’s possible for themselves and the world around them, I figure I’ve earned enough stripes to come out, if you will, about what really matters. And trust me, it’s not marketing.

Now this may sound odd given that KHJ was privileged to acquire the highly respected Seidler Bernstein organization this past year. In fact, their MassDevice blog was called “Marketing Mavens” featuring magical meanderings from the industry-seasoned Rob Kinslow and bold insights from the big-brand world of Tod Brubaker, along with contributions from principals Jo and Kathleen.

But here’s the deal. What is marketing anyway? In a less-than-awake-and-alive state, it’s about putting your stuff out there so people know about it. But in the most fully-conscious state, it’s about engaging, motivating, and indeed inspiring people to think or act.

KHJ and the fine folks from SBI have had great conversations, and here’s where we land… brand is to marketing what the genome project is to research. It’s about getting to the DNA of who you are, why you are, what you bring to the table, and why it matters to whom.

We’re beyond excited about this industry. Innovation abounds. And we love playing in the Mass Device space because it is the quintessential environment of authenticity. Proof positive of that was the CEO interviews conducted at the recent Big 100 event in Irvine. There’s no secret to the success of Mike Mussallem of Edwards Lifesciences, Joe Kiani of Masimo, and Scott Huennekens of Volcano. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They are the bearers of the brand promise for their respective companies. That promise lives in their vision, their leadership, their authenticity. They engage, motivate, and inspire their teams to think, to act, and to care.

Well, here’s to you for caring. Every day, in every way. Choose greatness!