I’m sure by now, just about everyone has seen someone with a clunky headset on, swatting randomly at the air or struggling to balance themselves on a completely flat surface.

You might have thought “Wow that looks like fun” or “I’d rather just watch TV”. However, what you might not have thought about are the applications virtual reality systems could have outside of the gaming world. VR in marketing is a game changer. It provides yet another platform for brands to tell their story and increase consumer engagement. With this technology, you can literally immerse individuals in your brand. Think about that power.

VR in Marketing

Unfortunately for me, I’m not the first to have this strike of brilliance. But, fortunately for you, there are some great VR campaigns out there already that will definitely inspire you to hop on the bandwagon. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Google: Draw Attention and Boost Sales

    Google’s campaign brought the beautiful New York window displays to life for people around the globe. However, it served another purpose as well– encourage online shopping to a broader audience.

  2. PATRON: Tell Your Brand’s Story

    Keeping consumer’s attention long enough to tell a brand’s story can be difficult. By utilizing VR technology, Patron managed to not only tell their story successfully but also educate individuals about their product at the same time. Win. Win.

  3. Lowe’s: Create Unique Consumer Experiences

    With their creative Holoroom, Lowe’s generated a significant competitive advantage over all other home improvement stores across the country. They created a space for customers to be able to visualize their improvement designs before committing to purchasing. What homeowner wouldn’t want to see the paint with the carpet first?

  4. TOMS: Reinforce Your Brand’s Mission

    Capturing the work TOMS does for children in Africa allowed consumers to emotionally connect to TOM’s brand mission. Additionally, the integrity of the video itself also further establish trust in TOM’s values and beliefs.

  5. Marriott: Establish Yourself as an Innovator

    The creation of “The Teleporter” showed Marriott’s focus on the big picture of travel instead of just on hotels. By putting their visionary attitude first, Marriott shifted consumers’s perspectives to see them as more than just a hotel company.

So, the next time you catch yourself thinking this new technology is just for some “crazy kids”, think about the big picture. Facebook started out just for the kiddos too, right?

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