Apple. Nike. Amazon. These names are as much a part of our culture as SNL, Trump or Beyoncé. And it’s no coincidence that the more these names are etched into our minds and hearts, the more they appear on our credit card statements.

Indeed, naming a company or product is a critical step in brand development. It’s a creative endeavor that many people are curious about, and one that KHJ knows a lot about. That’s why WCVB’s Chronicle recently visited our offices to get the inside scoop on how we do it.

In this recent segment, our CEO Judy Habib discusses the powerful role of a strong brand name, explains our methodology, and reveals some tricks of the trade. The segment also highlights some names we’ve created and shows how they encapsulate our clients’ brands.

“There’s a psychology to the sound, the cadence, the length, and how intuitive a name is. So we look at all those factors” —Judy Habib, CEO, KHJ Brand Activation

At KHJ, our names might create a smile, but we take the naming process seriously. It starts with developing a strong strategy, which includes brand positioning, voice and values that inform our creative process. We then go at it from a multitude of angles, from descriptive to metaphoric to the classic “onomatopoetic”. And while it’s one of the most important things we do, it’s also one of the most fun. It has to be if you come up with names like “SculpSure” for a body contouring product, “The Beat” for a new property in the former Globe headquarters, or “Hire Power” for a recruiter newsletter!

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