Hey! I’m Joseph—a graphic designer here at KHJ. In my spare time you’ll find me running a couple of miles on the treadmill or enjoying some down time reading a good book. Read on to learn more about some of the things I keep at my desk!

Journal and Log: Fragmented thoughts and a day-to-day to-do list—my journal hosts every bit of information I can’t seem to keep in mind.

Post-it Notes: A three-year long weight loss journey ( -175lbs so far!)  has forced me to find new and reliable ways to count my caloric intake. Calorie counting apps are great—but there’s something cathartic about physically logging food intake.

Michelle Visage’s The Diva Rules: “Ditch the Drama, Find Your Strength, and Sparkle Your Way to the Top”, such an entertaining and motivating auto biography!

Gym bag: I leave it on my desk, hugging my side—a friendly reminder to keep it MOVIN’ 😉