Each year the Diagnostic Marketing Association (DxMA) hosts its creative communication awards ceremony recognizing the best of the best in diagnostics advertising, marketing and promotional programming. This year, KHJ has once again won bragging rights by placing:

1st for Print Campaign | Greater Than $100 Million for Quest Diagnostics, “Disease Management for Quest Diagnostics”

3rd for Other Healthcare-Campaign Only | Less Than $100 Million for ViaCord, “ViaCord—Educating Physicians.”


Disease Management for Quest Diagnostics: Building Preference


Quest Diagnostics faces many challenges in disease management, including the perception that all large labs offer tests of similar quality, a lack of awareness among physicians that they should be ordering certain tests, and changing clinical guidelines for many medical subspecialties. With certain market-leading tests and new, innovative assays on its menu, Quest Diagnostics had an opportunity to maintain its leadership position in clinical diagnostic testing by matching its tests to current clinical dilemmas and the latest guidelines and tying them to the benefit of improved patient outcomes.

KHJ helped Quest Diagnostics develop messaging, creative and strategic marketing communication recommendations necessary to grow its diagnostic testing offering for disease management among both physician and patient audiences. Doing so required our keeping up with new clinical guidelines and developing creative that cut through the clutter of an increasingly competitive and dynamic health care market.

We created sales aids that enable Quest Diagnostics reps to quickly educate busy physicians on Quest’s test offerings. Each sales aid details current testing guidelines where relevant, reflects a unique understanding of the clinical scenarios that warrant testing (through both words and imagery), and quickly outlines the features and benefits of each test. Each piece is “all in”—including just enough educational information to help the rep and physician have a productive conversation that leads to a better understanding of a test’s clinical utility—and, ideally, a preference for Quest Diagnostics.


ViaCord: Educating (and Convincing) Physicians


KHJ helped umbilical cord blood bank ViaCord redirect its brand strategy and reshape its brand identity to market its services more effectively in what has become a commodity market. In this market, ViaCord faced a variety of negative perceptions held by physicians about private (versus public) cord blood banking for storing stem cells for stem cell therapy—including outright opposition from the pediatric medicine community. Though ViaCord uses proprietary collection, transport, processing and storage methods, not all physicians and health care providers were aware of these differentiators.

KHJ developed messaging and creative to convey two campaigns: “Dose Matters” and “ViaCord Delivers More Cells.”

“Dose Matters” was developed to educate physicians on the importance of unit quality (dose)—that total nucleated cell counts (TNCs) matter, as the higher the dose, the better the chances of transplant success.

“ViaCord Delivers More Cells” helped promote that ViaCord delivers the highest dose/cell counts and has the highest published transplant success rates.

A sales aid and print advertising campaign were developed to educate physicians on these differentiators and to position ViaCord as the gold standard in the cord blood industry. Print ads were rotated in Contemporary OBGYN throughout the year.

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